Flower into being

Herbivora was created with the intention to enhance health by relieving pain while awakening well-being through the wisdom of nourishing habits. 

 All botanical remedies and herbal creations are rooted in our love for the plant kingdom and reverence of the flower world.   Our topicals are formulated and handcrafted in small batches - sun powered and moon bathed mindfully to ensure the utmost quality and care for each topical.  We source high resin cannabis flower from our local partners and California gardeners that grow pesticide-free with sustainable practices.  Using the purest ingredients available and harnessing a variety of ethically, organically and locally-sourced herbs, oils, beeswax, and essential oils allows us to create pain relieving and skin repairing whole plant medicinal topicals.  The products we create are not only crafted with the intention of remedying relief by the intrinsic science of nature, but just as importantly, we offer our plant-based creations as way of honoring the earth through innate healing of plants, roots, flowers and herbs. 

contact us: herbivoracare@gmail.com

The more nourishment you allow, the greater your wholeness will be.